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Build your own world!


Welcome to Simple dungeon project home page!

Simple dungeon is a server software for MMO like game service, developed by Masatoshi Itoh.

Various clients (Flash, DX11, Silverlight ... Perl, PHP....) can share one world. Because HTTP based transmission enables simple gaming request/response mechanism.

This project aims over 10000 concurrent clients connection on one NOT SO SPECIAL server.

Status: server prototype is running.

!! This wiki is very under construction ! Most documents have lack of content.

Basic concept

  • Client program can access to server with a simple web api.
  • Server sends JSON data. You can choose various language to develop clients.
  • This service is working with Yaws web server to achieve high concurrency. (What is Yaws? -> see Apache vs. Yaws)


Project output

  • Server software
  • Sample client software
    • GUI version (by Silverlight)
    • CUI version (by Perl)

simpledungeon - devlog

Build your own world ! - Low latency chat infrastructure with KV store.

re-start simpledungeon developtment

<![CDATA[I restart simpledungeon development. For the first step, I made my source tree simplified (remove unused modules and codes). . . . → Read More: re-start simpledungeon developtment]]>

simple dungeon rev.277 back to stable

<![CDATA[Hi, all. Now, developing “Simple dungeon” goes back to stable. . . . → Read More: simple dungeon rev.277 back to stable]]>

Simple dungeon : now, jenkins reports unstable (rev.276

<![CDATA[Now, developing "Simple dungeon" is unstable, because I modified test code before changing codes. . . . → Read More: Simple dungeon : now, jenkins reports unstable (rev.276]]>

Now, simple dungeon back to green (rev.266)


Hello, all.

Now, simple dungeon goes back to green.

See jenkins page

Thanks to your patience.



Simple dungeon is now broken – merging new structure… (rev.252)


Now, simple dungeon has troubles in trunk source tree. It is okay to build, but “make test” fails and abort when it called.

Jenkins report screen for simple dungeon.

I’ve tried a new structure on branch, and I started to merge new codes into trunk. Then trunk code is now temporary broken. Because I renamed . . . → Read More: Simple dungeon is now broken – merging new structure… (rev.252)]]>

Playing with unity 3D


I’m making a sample client in Unity 3D.

I am going to make this sample which implements a click and move field such as standard MMORPG.

The current sample identifies a clicked tile, and explodes.

The current sample does not link with simpledungeon.

see this page


battle interaction: attack from sample perl client, and get notice “npc was killed” message. (Rev.99)


ok, now, simpledungeon server supports basic battle functionality. Player character can “attack” to npc, and npc get some damage by this attack, and when npc’s hit point got zero or negative, every neighbor character get “killed” message. following test log indicates this functionality.

I’ll update silverlight client to visualize battle functionality.


prompt:login . . . → Read More: battle interaction: attack from sample perl client, and get notice “npc was killed” message. (Rev.99)]]>

sample server recovered


Simpledungeon sample server was stopped Mar 13th for scheduled blackout in Tokyo.

Now, I moved simpledungeon sample server onto a rental vps server, and sample server is not affected by the blackout.


Thank you.


Please try it on sample server.

Project repository is on


Jenkins-CI setup


I set jenkins-ci server for simpledungeon up on Sakura VPS service.

This Sakura VPS server is not affected by TEPCO’s scheduled blackout.

Now, I’m working to setup simpledungeon trial server.


sample server will be down… Mar13-2011


As you know,  Mega earthquake hit Japan 11th Mar.

There will be a scheduled blackout (power outage) starting the morning of 3/14 in Tokyo,

Tochigi, Ibaraki, Gunma, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama, Yamanashi, and Shizuoka.

Because this scheduled blackout, I must shut my server down,

and my sample server (  will be unavailable for a while.


. . . → Read More: sample server will be down… Mar13-2011]]>
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